SPLA Program

Software Licensing - SPLA Program

With the Service Providers License Agreement (SPLA), Sujata helps Service Providers and ISVs sell license software products of Microsoft, Symantec, VMware, Citrix, Check Point and others on a monthly basis to provide hosted software services and applications to their end customers. Sujata offers additional earning opportunities to services providers through SPLA.

What is SPLA

SPLA supports a variety of hosting scenarios to help you get highly-customized and robust solutions to a wide set of customers. Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is a licensing program from different Software License Publishers that is designed for applications service providers and hosting service providers. Sujata is a SPLA reseller for Microsoft, Symantec and other software publishers and is authorized to enter into contracts with service providers to manage SPLA monthly software usage. This provides service provider revenue opportunities with software licenses sell.

Who Should Sell SPLA

Companies that offer hosting or application services from one or more datacenters through the Internet, a telephony network, or a private network on a rental, subscription, or services basis should be looking at SPLA. These include:

  • Application Services Providers
  • Platform Infrastructure Providers
  • Business Process Outsourcers (BPO)
  • PC Rental Vendors
  • Franchisees and Franchises
  • Streaming Media Providers
  • IT Outsourcers providing software licenses
  • Web Hosting Providers
  • Messaging or Collaboration Services Providers
  • Web or Internet Service Providers
  • ISVs providing hosted applications
  • Online Gaming Providers

How can SPLA help your organization deliver customized services and value to your customers?

  • Have the flexibility to deliver services through dedicated or shared hosting environments
  • Provide your customers with the most current product versions, and access prior versions, too
  • Download products when needed through the authorized web portal — no need to wait for physical media
  • Manage the services and use rights for your customers
  • Scale customers' software licensing according to their needs quickly

The SPLA Licensing Model Advantage

It can be Attractive For You – Attractive For Your Customer. For your customers, the leasing of software is an efficient, flexible and, over the long term, cost-effective alternative which makes it possible to always deploy the most current solutions of the market leader. At the same time there is a new field of business opening up for you as a service provider which is easy to handle thanks to Sujata’s knowledge and experience.

  • Low investment to start using different software licenses in your business
  • No start-up costs, forecasting or volume requirements
  • Pay as you go monthly, only for the licenses used during the month
  • Annual price protection
  • Access to a wide range of licensed products
  • Academic pricing available for qualified organizations
  • Prior version rights. For many software publishers, SPLA now includes rights to prior product versions. This supports a seamless transition for you to move to SPLA and a hosted business model.
  • Access the most current product versions. Give your customers the most current and capable Software platform. Download your products at no charge through the Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) downloadble through authorized web portal instead of ordering physical media.

Depend on Sujata’s Licensing Expertise

Sujata’s software representative can assist you with evaluating your SPLA licensing and support options, and guide you through the SPLA program enrollment.

Sujata is authorized to sell SPLA licenses and manage the monthly billing and reporting process. SPLAs are not available direct from Microsoft and most of the other software publishers.

Not sure if you require SPLA in place? Already have SPLA but not sure if you're utilizing it accurately and/or cost effectively? Sujata offers free SPLA consulting – If you are already using SPLA, Sujata will offer free compliance check. Contact Us.

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