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Sujata is a Google Apps Reseller, Solution and Services Provider. Sujata helps customers migrate to Google from other solutions for better communication, better collaboration and effective use of cloud infrastructure.

Collaboration Tools of Google Apps

Google Apps reseller, Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd can provide a solution of collaboration tools, email, IM, video and audio chat, Google Intranet Sites, Google Spreadsheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Forms and so on.

Google Apps is a service that brings a comprehensive Office transformation solution to all size of organizations, through a hosted system that delivers Gmail and online applications that are useful in office.

Turn to the Cloud for Google Apps for Better Collaboration

Today’s tech-savvy employees are using Google Apps to enhance their real-time communications and collaboration processes. Anyone with a Google account can access Apps anywhere and with any device supporting email configuration or web browser with an Internet connection. Google Apps provides email solution that can be configured with your own domain and can be configured with Outlook to use it offline.

Collaboration is the key to the success of any business.  All size of businesses, stand to benefit from improved collaboration, as this can lead to better innovation, culture, communication and more productivity. Such improvements require changes in some of your business’ operations, and Google has tools that will help make these changes easy to implement.

Project & Task Collaboration for Businesses of All Sizes

  • Work your way in a flexible spreadsheet format.
  • Manage any kind of work with one centralized tool - from simple projects to complex processes.
  • From individuals to enterprise companies, Smartsheet® is used to manage thousands of different types of projects.

Better Collaboration with Less Email Clutter

You can use Gmail to configure your domain, configure it with Outlook for offline email access and you can share your contacts and calendar with your team members. Gmail for Work boasts a Priority Inbox that identifies your important incoming messages and separates them out from everything else. This increases your efficiency by cutting down on email clutter to allow you to focus on what is important to you. In addition, the Google Apps for Business suite connects with other cloud apps to improve collaboration. Audit and reporting insights for Drive content and sharing are possible.

One such example is Cirrus Insight which allows employees to manage Salesforce from within Gmail, adding contacts, linking emails and updating opportunities—making sales prospecting and lead-generation processes more efficient. And Salesforce can be used to track and manage customer information directly from Gmail. By connecting the two technologies with Cirrus Insight, businesses can capture the information that flows in and out of Gmail, including automatically putting CRM intelligence into your Gmail inbox whenever you open an email.

Better Collaboration on Projects with File Sharing

Wherever and whenever you need access to your work files, Google Drive for Work provides unlimited storage in cloud. Employees can move seamlessly between their work and personal accounts while maintaining safety controls. Files can be accessed from any device and shared with associates and customers—even with people who don’t use Google Drive. Users can scan documents with mobile device cameras and easily convert them to PDF files.

Google Drive syncs with your folder and pushes data in the cloud when you are connected to the internet. You can read, edit and share files with people outside of your organization or within the organization or with select few people.

Better Collaboration with People via Chat & Video

No need to use a separate instant messaging service if you are already in your Google world. Thanks to Google Hangouts, you can bring your conversations to life instantly. Available on any device, this app fuels the desire for seamless collaboration, allowing users to live text, video chat and migrate between text and video. It also syncs conversations so you can keep tabs on where conversations begin and end and how far along in the conversation other people have read. Such functionality has made massive waves in the enterprise communications world.

In addition to Hangouts, Google Chromebox for meetings is an excellent solution to collaborate with your team when members are in different locations. Meet with anyone on any device – from the conference room, at home or on the road. Join meetings– meet with colleagues, or invite customers and partners.

Better Collaboration with Embedded Communications

Embedded communications seamlessly integrates real time communications like messaging, presence, click-to-call, call routing, location awareness and mobility with Google Apps. By incorporating these communication tools with Google Apps you can manage all your critical communications from Gmail.

Sujata provides integration solution with 3rd party customized tools which converts Google Apps into your communications hub giving you tools to easily connect and collaborate with others. You can access and manage your voicemail from your Gmail inbox, escalate voice messages to live voice call or Hangout, check the availability of others before you contact them, click and call any phone number, route calls based on your free/busy status in Google calendar and share your location, as well as see the location of others in real time on Google Maps

Unlimited Archival | 24x7 Support | 99.9% Up-time SLA

Google Apps also gives you an option for opting for Unlimited Archival where you can store your old emails or emails that are not frequently accessed so that you can focus only on the data that is required by you.  You can archive all emails that are sent by your company. You will not need to worry if your employee deletes the emails and leaves the company, Google will ensure that you can still prevent loss of any data.

You can define message retention policies and also, place and enforce litigation holds on inboxes so that you are meeting variety of compliances and industry regulation.

Sujata will be your first point of contact for support for any queries with Google Apps and you can also take direct support from Google which is available for 24x7.

Alternative to Microsoft Office

  • Google Apps comes with
  • Google Docs alternative to Microsoft Word Online
  • Google Sheets alternative to Microsoft Excel Online
  • Google Slides alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint Online
  • Google Sites alternative to Microsoft SharePoint Online
  • Google Forms alternative to Microsoft Infopath
  • To access emails offline, Open-source solution such as Thunderbird is alternative to Microsoft Outlook

About Sujata and Google

As a Certified Google Partner, Sujata promotes collaboration solution to meet your business requirement and to help you grow your business by helping your employees connect well with each other as well as with your customers.

Sujata helps customer with the migration services, configuration and installation services. Sujata also believes in providing free of cost training and consulting on how-to-use Google Apps effectively.

Google is the multi-national technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. Google offers online productivity software including email (Gmail), a cloud storage service (Google Drive), an office suite (Google Docs) and a social networking service (Google+). Desktop products include applications for web browsing, organizing and editing photos, and instant messaging.

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