Sujata is a IBM certified partner for Data Protection and Storage Management that provides licensing solutions, implementation and maintenance services. Sujata has won awards from IBM for the high-quality business solution provided to the customers. IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) family is one of the most complete Data Backup and Recovery Solution available today in the industry.

Business Continuity Management

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager products provide a wide range of backup, snapshot, archive, recovery, space management, bare machine recovery and disaster-recovery capabilities. They can help protect data on systems of all sizes - from a single point of control.

Protect Different Workloads

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager helps protect different Operating System environments including AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Macintosh and Windows. Applications like IBM Domino, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, SAP HANA, SAP R/3 to name a few are supported. Database including IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL and Oracle are also possible to be configured with TSM. Virtual environments and cloud platforms can be integrated with IBM TSM.

Tivoli Storage Manager is known for supporting large, multi-petabyte environments, but small organizations can also benefit. Organizations with fewer than 50 managed servers or less than 100 terabytes of backup data can use Tivoli Storage Manager entry-level solution bundles. Tivoli Storage Manager servers can expand to manage billions of objects per server, so there is less disruption and complexity as backup workloads grow. Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center can also consolidate information from multiple Tivoli Storage Manager servers for simpler administration of large environments.

Data Backup Non-disruptively

Tivoli Storage Manager server deduplication enables organizations to handle massive volumes of data during a given backup window. Deduplication can help reduce costs by limiting the disk space required for backups and minimizing the impact on client systems.

Store Data Efficiently and Securely

Tivoli Storage Manager can help users save up to 38 percent in backup infrastructure costs.1 Savings are typically found in storage media, backup servers, data center floor space, power and cooling. Tivoli Storage Manager de-duplication and incremental forever capabilities, working together, can reduce backup storage space by up to 95 percent.

TSM’s backup meets NIST SP800-131 compliance and supports 256-bit AES Encryption.

Store Off-site Disaster Recovery

TSM supports flexible on-site and off-site retention and can purge large amounts of backup from primary data centers for flexible management and infrastructure cost Policy driven remote replication enables lower cost disaster recovery and simplifies compliance with long term retention requirements.

Restore Data Quickly

While insurance can mitigate almost any business risk, no insurance policy can return lost data. This is why IBM has applied its extensive experience in data protection to guide users on best practices to enable superior business outcomes. Flexible recovery options in Tivoli Storage Manager are designed to simplify common restore requests, including item-level recovery for Microsoft Exchange , SQL database, Active Directory and File-level recovery for SAN or NAS environments including NetApp, EMC and Hitachi storage.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager also helps to browse Snapshot backup and recover the data.  Automatic restores from an alternate backup server, if the primary backup server is unavailable is possible with IBM TSM.  IBM TSM offers simplified disaster-recovery audits and simulations, as well as guided recovery after disasters

Restore Only What You Need

Tivoli helps administrators restore the item-wise or file-wise data and Sujata helps client’s administrators automate some of the restoration procedures.

VMware administrators can manage both Tivoli Storage Manager and IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy® Manager from the same vCenter interface. In virtual environment restores are easier with item-level and near-instant recovery for virtual machines and for Linux and Microsoft Windows servers and workstations.

Quick Deployment

New Operations Center control and automation capabilities help reduce the need for scripting and Tivoli Storage Manager expertise. Sujata will provide training to client’s IT team to manage the IBM TSM and will ensure TSM gets deployed quickly.

Plan for the future

For organizations with long-term data retention requirements, Tivoli Storage Manager provides valuable capabilities for com-pression and tape system integration. The solution enables the easy migration of backup data between disk and tape storage pools—so backups can be moved to tape as they age.

IBM Support Services

Sujata is a premier IBM partner to support IBM Tivoli Storage Manager family product and can provide up to 24x7 off-site or on-site support for 365 days. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager licenses can be bought along with the support subscription for 24x7 in local language for both online and phone support. Under support subscription, client can also upgrade the version of TSM to the latest and take an advantage of new features and capabilities. Client can decide which issues to classify as “Severity 1” situations.

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