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Sujata is a certified Ruckus Wireless Solution and Services Provider. Sujata’s ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2015 standard practices ensure clients get carrier quality work and deliverables for network architecture design, Wi-Fi RF planning, installation, commissioning, test and integration of the highest quality. For Sujata, Your business’ needs are the most important aspect in delivering the wireless solution. Sujata helps SMBs, Enterprise business and Governments with Ruckus’s range of advance indoor, outdoor and cloud-managed devices to deliver desired connectivity services securely.

Ruckus Smart Enterprise Wireless LAN

When it comes to WiFi, enterprises users are sick and tired of unstable connections, dropped packets, and erratic performance. They need a smarter wireless LAN (WLAN) system that provides way better coverage, capacity, and reliability. Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd has unmatchable experience and expertise when it comes to designing and delivering solutions for Enterprise WiFi Solutions.

  • Effortless everything, as it’s fully pluggable, meshable, and easy to install/configure/expand, with automatic client administration and advanced security, too
  • Superior WiFi on the planet, through WLAN-wide optimum signal path selection, automatic WLAN-wide interference avoidance, and WLAN-wide automatic RF coordination to adapt to the constantly-changing WiFi environment
  • Unmatched value for money, as enterprises gain all the feature/functionality of a high-end system (and more), with fewer wireless access points for lower CAPEX, and easier management for lower OPEX

Smart Wi-Fi for Hospitality

Keeping Guests Happy and Coming Back — With Simply Better Wireless

Wireless is no longer just another amenity at hotels, to go along with avocado facials and foo-foo drinks. It’s become a prerequisite for doing business — period. Hotels aiming to increase Revenues Per Available Room (RevPAR) and maximize profitability are jumping on the wireless bandwagon, as:

  • Hotel staff can use mobile WiFi devices to securely access reservation and administration tools from anywhere on the property, ensuring high levels of service
  • Wireless point of sale (PoS) systems can allow staff to take orders for foods and other amenities at poolside and around the property
  • Wireless voice communications between hotel employees can help keep everything running smoothly
  • Handheld devices can be used to check-in guests at valet
  • Hotels can offer WiFi in guest rooms and common areas for free, or bundled in a communications package
  • Guests can use WiFi for their high definition audio and video devices, such as iPods or Slingboxes

For hotels that want faster, more reliable WiFi services at a lower overall cost of ownership, Ruckus has become the gold standard.

  • Stronger WiFi signals
  • Ubiquitous coverage
  • Better, more stable connections
  • Consistent performance
  • Instant Configuration and Installations
  • Easy-On-the-Eyes Multimedia - Only Ruckus WiFi systems enable latency-sensitive applications, such as IP-based video, to be transmitted in real time. This ensures flicker-free video, crystal-clear voice, and the best WiFi for new multimedia applications, including voice badges, digital signage, multimedia gaming services, IPTV (streaming high definition digital video), data collection, security, sensors, and RFIDs.
  • Tiered WiFi Services - Each Smart WiFi AP supports up to eight discrete WiFi networks, each of which can be configured with its own policies. This lets hotels provide more goodies for their guests, including preferred access, higher-speed services, and application-specific network services.
  • Complete and Easy Remote Management of WiFi

Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi for SME or Branch Offices

Ruckus technologies brings state-of-the-art WiFi advances and packages them into an affordable and easy-to-use "smarter" wireless LAN system. The smarts come from breakthroughs such as dynamic beamforming, Smart Mesh Networking and automatic interference avoidance, that make WiFi signals extend farther and more reliable. But the beauty is that Ruckus masks the complexity of these capabilities - making it simple for SMEs to reap the benefits without the headaches. Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd has great expertise when it comes to designing and delivering solutions for SME or branch-level WiFi Solutions.

Here are the SME highlights:

  • Killer coverage: Fewer wireless access points blanket a bigger area, reducing capital and operational costs
  • Ultra affordable: Robust wireless LAN at a fraction of the cost of conventional alternatives
  • Fast install: Configuration and deployment in half the time
  • Simple, simple, simple: A smarter wireless LAN that self-optimizes and is super simple to manage
  • No costly cabling: Smart meshing allows placement of wireless access points anywhere there is power without having to pull Ethernet cable for connectivity
  • Just what you need: No more paying for features and functions you don't want, need or understand

Wireless Campus for Education Institutes

Colleges and universities are challenged by the proliferation of mobile devices on campus and the increasing demand for online educational content. Students, faculty and staff expect wireless connectivity to be available just as readily and reliably as the lights coming on in a room. The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is changing education. Students and faculty need WiFi service anywhere at  anytime. Ruckus controllers provide network administrators with the ability to easily and effectively define a user or a device-specific access policy to optimize network performance and keep user traffic secure.

Ruckus’s Features – High Performance | Flexible Deployment | Optimized Services  are key to the successful wireless campus installations and maintenance.

Excelling in Education with Digital Classrooms - The education sector has redefined the way students learn with digital tools. Reliable WiFi networks are a must when delivering online curriculums, learning assessments, and educational content among students and teachers. Digital learning must remain consistent in the ever changing world of technology. Future-proof your network today to be prepared tomorrow with Ruckus Wireless. Many mobile devices have integrated into the student’s learning process. Schools need a WiFi network that can handle a high density of devices with speed and reliability. Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd is an award winner reseller and solution provider for wireless technologies at education institutes campuses.

Ruckus Smart Wireless for Healthcare

Wi-Fi enables fast access to electronic patient records, improves staff communication, and speeds up delivery of medical images. In addition, guest Wi-Fi access can be extended to visitors in lobbies and waiting rooms.

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities face exploding demand for Wi-Fi, whether to meet the needs of the 90+% of physicians with smartphones or to connect the multitude of medical devices that increasingly are networked over Wi-Fi to provide real time monitoring, precise locating and support patient centered workflows.

With Ruckus, Healthcare organizations get best possible ROI and full-featured wireless solution –

  • HIPAA compliance, through standard 802.1x, WPA (PSK) and WPA-2 (AES) security, plus automatic wireless setting and encryption key security
  • Stronger, consistent Wi-Fi coverage with fewer access points
  • Central management with simplified network administration
  • Support for diverse applications including:
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) badges and phones
  • Tablet applications such as EMR
  • Location
  • Patient centered workflow enablement
  • BYOD

Ruckus Smart WiFi for Retail

Shoppers are equipped with smartphones that they will use to find key information to drive their purchase decisions. Retailers are challenged with finalizing sales at brick-and-mortar stores while providing high-performance, high-density WiFi guest access.

Bridge the gap between online shopping and physical stores by gathering insights about your customers shopping behaviors in real-time. View customer footfall and repeat visitor trends to optimize store layout. With engagement APIs and 3rd party applications, push targeted promotions to shoppers’ smartphones and analyze marketing effectiveness. Now retailers can transform their stores into a must-visit destination.

Deploy a future-ready network with the Ruckus, delivers WiFi in increased device density and delivers monetization opportunities with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that encourage new business models. Ruckus indoor and outdoor access points with advance technology ensure maximum signal coverage, throughput, and network capacity ideal for high-density deployments.

Ruckus Smart WiFi for Warehousing

In large warehouses, getting wireless to function as it's supposed to can be next to impossible. Between huge areas filled with metal racks, a myriad of handheld WiFi devices, moving vehicles, constantly-changing environmental conditions, and no pervasive Ethernet network, connectivity is an enormous challenge. Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd has delivered warehousing solutions in the past to multiple e-tailers and logistics service providers. Sujata works with architectures to make sure solution delivery is accurate.

But Ruckus is uniquely suited for this interference-filled environment. It offers warehousers:

  • Industrial-strength WiFi that provides longer-range signals that can be steered around obstacles and interference
  • More flexible deployment options with Smart Mesh Networking that eliminates the requirement to run Ethernet cable to connect wireless access points
  • Ubiquitous WiFi coverage with fewer wireless access points, for lower CAPEX
  • Indoor and outdoor Smart WiFi wireless access points that are managed as a unified system
  • Centralized control of Ruckus Smart WiFi wireless access points
  • Powerful, yet simple controlled guest networking capabilties

Integrated into every Smart WiFi wireless access points is a sophisticated high-gain directional antenna system, which constantly focuses and directs WiFi signals over the best performing paths. This is essential in hostile RF environments where obstacles, interference, and noise wreaks havoc with wireless systems.

In warehouses spanning 70,000 to 200,000 square feet or more, there are few options for placing wireless access points where they're needed. Smart Mesh Networking is a solution to this problem, letting warehouse IT staff deploy wireless access point where coverage is needed most—without having to pay for and pull Ethernet cabling.

Ruckus Smart WiFi for Transportation Hub and Smart City

People on the move expect to stay connected. Travelers are using their smartphones to access real-time travel updates and utilize WiFi-enabled mobile applications while waiting in line for trains, buses, subways, and airplanes. Transportation hubs must meet these growing expectations without adding unexpected or unplanned expects associated with deploying a robust WiFi network.

Governments and transportation hubs can monetize their WiFi network by engaging travelers with targeted promotions and advertisements for kiosks and restaurants sent directly to their mobile devices.

With Ruckus products, Sujata can provide you with a truly carrier-grade, end-to-end Wi-Fi infrastructure that is scalable enough to support exponential traffic growth from few users to millions of users, is able to deliver a transparent mobility experience for the end user, and is built on open standards, so that you can count on it working with the network you have today, as well as the network you will have in the future.

Sujata as a Ruckus reseller also provides training for Ruckus so that client’s in-house team can manage the network. Sujata provides Facility Management Services as well as handles Annual Maintenance Contracts for clients so that clients can focus on their own businesses. Sujata will be able to support Ruckus clients in India, Singapore, Dubai and in the US.

Sujata’s Ruckus Portfolio

  • Ruckus Wireless Access Points
  • Ruckus Outdoor and Industrial Wireless Devices
  • Ruckus Wireless Integrated Switches and Routers
  • Ruckus Wireless System Management  - Network Control Systems
  • Ruckus Smart Wireless Services and Software

Sujata’s Ruckus Support

Sujata have in place a Direct Support Relationship with Ruckus that allows Sujata and Ruckus to pool resources of both hardware and personnel in order to ensure fault resolution for mutual customers in as short a time as possible. Through the Shared Support model, Sujata are responsible for the service sales, contract administration and upgrades, and level I and II Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) support. Ruckus then provides Sujata with required Software releases and upgrades, level III TAC support and access to the Ruckus spare parts logistics infrastructure, all of which Sujata administer on behalf of their customers. Additionally, the Ruckus Shared Support program offers incentives to the partners, based on performance and customer satisfaction.

Sujata is passionate about providing you with the most suitable solution.  As a vendor-neutral company Sujata will talk openly about vendors and solutions with no bias between options. Sujata’s priority will be to provide best-suitable solution for your business need and will provide you with the information you need to make a decision on the kit that best suits your network. None of our staff including sales staff are commissions driven so will not sell you something you do not require!

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