Sujata is a Distributor and a Solution Partner for Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad devices. The Panasonic rugged and reliable computing solutions are designed to fit your needs and Sujata helps client integrate variety of solutions to make it a great business solution.

Panasonic Toughbook® are rugged laptops and Toughpad® are durable tablets are engineered with enterprise-grade security to withstand drops, spills, dust and grime, and to perform in the harshest environments. Rugged reliability, low cost of ownership and accolades from reviewers are just a few of the reasons why Panasonic keeps winning over the world's toughest users. Sujata carries out workshops for the clients and understand the business pain areas then to give an accurate business solution.

Advantage of Tough

Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers and Toughpad® tablets are designed to handle almost any situation-from business-rugged computers that withstand bangs, bumps and spillage, to fully-rugged that can survive extreme conditions, such as drops up to six feet, rain, oil, pressure, dust and extraordinary swings in temperature.

Panasonic has a long track record of investing heavily in research and development of high quality materials, innovative technologies and highly sophisticated, vertically integrated manufacturing facilities. By coupling these investments with a rigorous testing process, Panasonic continues to achieve legendary status for durable, reliable mobile computers.

Mobility with Tough

In today's business environment, staying connected is no longer a luxury. It's the new standard for doing business. That's why more mobile professionals are turning to the reliability and world-class wireless performance of Panasonic Toughpad tablets and Toughbook computers that feature embedded Wi-Fi and optional embedded wireless mobile broadband, delivering the “always on” connectivity demanded by the hectic, mobile lifestyles of today's workforce.

Low Failure Rate

The annual failure rate of Toughbook mobile computers and Toughpad tablets is 6 times less than the industry average Lower failure rates translate to less downtime, fewer repair expenses and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and greater return on investment (ROI) over the computer's useful life.

World Class Support

Laptop magazine gave Panasonic an "A+" for phone support in their July, 2008 issue, citing that "the company's 24/7 phone support was swift, informative, and efficient. Presence of Sujata as a Solution Partner in US, India, Dubai and Singapore help clients to get appropriate support and services.

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