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Developing sophisticated IT solutions and services for Construction and Real Estate companies

Competing successfully in today's business climate has never been so challenging for organizations in the real estate and construction market. Increased global competition has elevated the need for sophisticated solutions to manage changing consumer demands, global workforce management, information management, compliance adherence, leasing management and much more.

Real estate and construction businesses are under intense pressure to increase profit margins, deliver projects on time, meet clients requirements, and control operational costs while maintaining growth. Sujata Computers understands the complexities and challenges involved in the real estate and construction business. We partner with real estate owners, operators and investors to help them optimize their technology investments and reduce costs, leveraging best-in-class technologies.

We help companies effectively manage the complete real estate life cycle:

  • Planning and business development – Real Estate Portfolio Management, Marketing & Sales, Opportunity Management, Design & Engineering.
  • Resource management – Materials Management, Workforce Management & Optimization, Equipment & Tools Management, Fabrication & Assembly.
  • Enterprise management & support – Financial, Operational & Workforce Analytics, Financial Supply Chain Management, Financial & Management Accounting, Corporate Governance.
  • Facility management – Contract & Service Level Management, Service Delivery & Operations, Infrastructure Management.
  • Project management – Project Portfolio Monitoring, Planning & Schedule, Project Execution, Contract Management, Project Financials.
  • Subcontractor & supplier management – Supplier Planning & Contracting, Subcontract Management, Expediting & Tracking.
  • Real estate operations – Asset Portfolio, Lease Management, Common Area Management.


  • Portal Services
  • Strategy Services
  • BPR & Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • ERP
  • Project Management

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