Industry - Architecture

To stay competitive, architects need a suite of software to help them in designing, planning, visualising and presenting how structures will appear.

At Sujata Computers, we understand the most suitable and best-in-class software requirements to stay competitive in the sector of architecture.

We’ll advise you and help implement a range of systems that will make your firm reliable, efficient and the go-to architect for your target customer.

Our holistic approach to supporting your business

  • Centralised & Pro-Active service
  • Network Administrator
  • Support Team
  • Virtual IT Director

IT Software and Solutions for Architects

We can supply and have in-depth knowledge of industry relevant software such as:

  • Archsoft
  • Archetype
  • Autocad
  • CAD
  • Turbo CAD
  • Revit Software
  • 3D Printing
  • VectorWorks
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2-CS6
  • QuarkExpress
  • Sharepoint

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